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Henry Coumbe, Margery Northey and 3 generations, North Hill


All the five Coumbe headstones in North Hill church cemetery are for descendants of Henry and Margery Coumbe (nee Northey). This is a descendancy chart of research to date for Henry Coumbe (baptised 29 Oct 1726 at North Hill) and Margery Northey (b. 1725, Altarnun) and married at Altarnun in 1746. Of course, some events have less certainty than others. More details are available (especially dates), but to improve readability they are not presented here.


Margery Northey was the daughter of Nevill Northey, mason of Altarnun, and his wife Grace EARE (or Grace EARL or Grace EARLE). It seems that the Northey’s are actually the origins of the mason occupation within the Coumbe’s.


Other topics on this page are: Henry Coumbe's Ancestry, More Recent Descendants and Migrants.


Did you find your grandparent or other ancestor in the descendancy chart below? Is there anything you can add to help build the family history?


I would welcome any help with several questions in particular:

* Is anyone else researching these ancestors?
* Are there any particular buildings thought to have been built by the Coumbe masons?

The following abbreviations are used, NH - North Hill, NI - No issue, LNK - Linkinhorne, SA - South Australia. The author welcomes corrections, contributions and links to the research of others.


Henry Coumbe, b. 1726 NH, d. 1801 Tolcarne, NH. Yeoman
+ Margery Northey, b. 1725 Altarnun, m. 1746 Altarnun, d. 1808 Tolcarne, NH
├── John Coumbe, b. 1747 NH, d. 1806, Stonaford, NH. Stone Mason
  + Mary Davy, m. 1774 NH
  ├── Henry Coumbe, b. 1774, d. 1843. Farmer, yeoman: Tolcarne, Underway, NH
    + Jane Pearse, m. 1808 NH
    ├── Mary Ann Coumbe, b. 1809 NH
    ├── John Coumbe, b. 1810 NH, d. 1836 Illand, NH
    ├── Henry Coumbe, b. 1813 NH, d.?
    ├── Elizabeth Coumbe, b. 1814 NH, d. 1840 Illand
    ├── Isaac Coumbe, b. 1815 NH, d.?
    ├── Jane Coumbe, b. 1821 NH, d. ?
    └── Rhoda Coumbe, b. 1829 NH, d. 1836 Illand
  └── Edward Coumbe, b. 1780, d. 1864 NH, Stone Mason, Trebartha Headstone 3
     + Mary Philp, b. 1778 Lostwithiel, m. 1804, d. 1858 NH Headstone 3
     ├── John Philpe Coumbe, b. 1804 NH. Stone Mason, d.1887 Croydon
        + Margaret ?, marr
        + Millicent Cock, marr 1848 Lanteglos by Camelford
        + Ann Kendall, marr 1865 NI
     ├── Jane Coumbe, b. 1806 NH, d. ?
        + John COUCH marr. 1831, b.c. 1805, house carpenter, d. ?
        ├── Mary Jane COUCH b.c. 1835
        ├── Ann Maria COUCH b.c. 1838
        ├── George Henry COUCH b. 1841 St Thomas
        ├── Ann M. COUCH b.c. 1841-2 Lanteglos by Camelford
        ├── Edward J. COUCH b.c. 1845-6 Lanteglos by Camelford
        └── Caroline E. COUCH b.c. 1848-9 Lanteglos by Camelford
     ├── Elizabeth Coumbe, b. 1809 NH, d. 1848 NH Headstone 3
     ├── James Coombe, b. 1811 NH, d. 1881 Adelaide, South Australia (SA)
              Mason, Lostwithiel, CON and Adelaide SA
              See James Coombe and Jane Lean for details
     ├── Ann Coumbe, b. 1813 NH, d. 1861 Adelaide, SA See Ann Coumbe and Jacob Bowden.
        + Jacob Bowden, marr. 1833, d. 1888 SA
     ├── Thomas Coumbe, b. 1815/16, d. 1896 NH. Mason, Trebartha
           ==> grandson Thomas is buried in NH Headstone 5
     └── Edward Coumbe, b. 1818 NH, d. 1818 NH
├── Henry Coumbe, b. 1749 NH, d. 1775 NH
├── Edward Coumbe, b. 1751 NH, d. 1754 NH
├── Edward Coumbe, b. 1754 NH, d. 1830, Innkeeper and cooper, NH Village Headstone 4
  + Grace Ford (nee Sleep), b. circa 1749, m. 1783 NH, d. 1804
  + Jane Martin, b. circa 1780, m. 1806 NH, d. 1850
  ├── Ann Sheer Coumbe, b. 1808 NH, d. 1808 NH Headstone 4
  ├── James Coumbe, b. 1810 NH, d. 1851 NH.  Cooper, NH Village Headstone 2
    + Jane Martin, m. 1835 NH, d. 1850.  Innkeeper
    ├── George Coumbe, b. 1836 NH, d. 1900 NH. Pub innkeeper, NH Village.
    └── Ann Coumbe, b. 1840, d. 1845 NH Headstone 2
  ├── Edmund Coumbe, b. 1811, carpenter, NH Village, d. 1880
    + Ann Smith, m. 1851 NH, d. 1861
  ├── Richard Coumbe, b. 1813, d?
  └── George Coumbe, b. 1820, d. 1845 NH Headstone 1
├── Elizabeth Coumbe, b. 1757 NH, d?
├── Richard Coumbe, b. 1760 NH, Stonaford labourer, d. 1838 Tolcairne, NH
  + Mary Wood, b. ?, m. 1786 NH
  ├── William Coumbe, b. 1787 NH, d. 1808 Tolcarne
  ├── Elizabeth Coumbe, b. 1789 NH, d. 1791 Stonaford
  ├── Margary Coumbe, b. 1791 NH
  ├── John Coumbe, b. 1793 NH, Stonaford farmer at 1851 census, d.?
        1871: Innkeeper, Sportsman Arms, Lanteglos by Camelford
    + Harriet Douglas Chapman, m. 1831 NH
    ├── Richard Coumbe, b. 1832, Stonaford NH
    ├── John Coumbe, b. 1834, Stonaford NH
    ├── Edmund Coumbe, b. 1836, Stonaford NH
    ├── Mary Ann Coumbe, b. 1838, Stonaford NH
    └── William Coumbe, b. 1842, Stonaford NH
  └── Richard Coumbe, b. 1796, d. 1800, Stonaford NH
└── William Coumbe, b. 1763 NH, d. 1837 Simmons, NH
   + Mary Tregear, b. 1768, m. 1789, d. 1837 Simmons, NH
├── John Coumbe, b. 1790 NH, Linkinhorne carpenter, d. 1884 LNK
  + Ann Caunter, m. 1812 LNK
  ├── William Coombe, b. 1813, Milcombe, LNK
  ├── Sophia Coombe, b. 1815, Milcombe, LNK
  ├── Christiana Coombe, b. 1818, Milcombe, LNK
  ├── Jenny Coombe, b. 1821, Higher Milcombe, LNK
  ├── Mary Ann Coombe, b. 1824, Higher Milcombe, LNK, d. 1909 LNK
  ├── John Coombe, b. 1826, Bangers, LNK, d. 1891 LNK
  ├── Elizabeth Coombe, b. 1829, Bangers, LNK, d. 1834
  ├── Edward Coombe, b. 1832, Bangers, LNK
  ├── Matilda Coombe, b. 1835, Bangers, LNK
  └── Iddo Coombe, b. 1839, Kersbrook Cross, LNK, d. 1843 LNK
├── Mary Coumbe, b. 1794 NH, d?
└── Elizabeth Coumbe, b. 1801 NH, d?

Updated 11 Sep 2012



The author - David Coombe - is the great-great-great-grandson of James Coumbe (mason of Lostwithiel and Australia, born 1811) and Jane Lean.


For information on John Coumbe (b. 1790 NH, Linkinhorne carpenter), including several lines of descendants, please contact Hilary Butler at:
Hilary Butler email


More Recent Descendants


Those descended from any of the following may be able to help with information to help build the family history.


John Philpe Coumbe (1804-1887)


John Philpe Coumbe had at least four children: John Philp, William, Richard and Henry. By the 1871 census, he had returned to North Hill Village.


Thomas Coumbe (1815/16-1896)


Thomas married Susanna Coad in 1837 and they had children: James Coumbe (1837-1923), Elizabeth Ann Coumbe (1839-1840), John Coumbe (1841-1910, see North Hill Emigrants) and Susan Coad Coumbe (1843-46). Susanna died in childbirth in 1843. Thomas was a stone mason, living at Battens Lake, North Hill Village and Trebartha. He was living on his own means in 1891 and died in 1896. Susan and daughter Elizabeth Ann are buried in North Hill cemetery.


It is likely that John COUMBE (above, 1841-1910 USA) was the father of Elizabeth BARTLETT's base child: John Coumbe BARTLETT who was baptised 8 May 1859.


James Coumbe (1837-1923) and Children


Thomas' son James married Jane POMEROY in 1859. James died in 1923 and Jane in 1924 in Trebartha Village. Their children were: Edward Pomeroy, Ellen Coumbe, James Coumbe (below), Mary Ann Coumbe, Maria Coumbe, Susan Coumbe, Thomas Coumbe (who married Edith Sleep - see below), John Coumbe, Samuel Coumbe (below), Emily Coumbe, Elizabeth Jane Coumbe and Sarah Coumbe. The family lived in Trebartha Mill Cottages - see Trebartha. James, wife Jane and daughter Sarah were still in Trebartha in 1901.


Their children identified in the 1901/11 censuses are:
 * James Coombe (marble mason, Plymouth) and wife Elizabeth Coombe;
 * Thomas Coumbe (coachman, groom, horseman) and wife Edith Coombe (nee Sleep) with children Sydney Thomas Coumbe (1897), Miriam Coumbe (b.c.1899) and Gwendoline Coumbe (b.c. 1906). Thomas and Edith are buried in North Hill cemetery, see Headstone 5.
 * Samuel Coombe (1873-?) a waggoner with wife Bessie Coombe (born Tavistock, Devon) and son Samuel John Coombe born 1900 in Lewannick.


George Coumbe (1836-1900) and George Coombe (1860-)


George was the North Hill Village innkeeper. He married Mary Doidge and had three children: George Coumbe (1860-), Mary Ann Cowling Coumbe and Georgina Coumbe. The eldest child, George, was a saddler when he married Jane Halls in 1893 and in the 1901 and 1911 censuses they were in Trevadlock (Lewannick / Altarnun); he a farmer on his own account with children Tryphena Coumbe (b.c.1894), Colin George Coumbe (b.c. 1898). Colin George Coumbe was buried at Rilla Mill Methodist on 31 Jul 1986, age 88.




Jacob Bowden and Ann Coumbe


Jacob Bowden, wife Ann Bowden and daughter Lydia, with son Ed born aboard, migrated to South Australia on the Royal Admiral, arriving 18 Jan 1838. Ann was the sister of James Coumbe, the author's major migrant of interest.


Henry Coumbe's Ancestry


For those interested in how far back the family tree goes, here is my best estimate to date. Better information and alternative constructions are welcome!


Henry Coumbe, bap. 29 Oct 1726, NH, son of:
   John Coumbe and Joan Hender, m. 7 Sep 1723, NH
   John Coumbe, bap. 19 Jul 1695, NH, son of:
      John Combe and Mary ?, m. 1689 (second marriage?)
      John Combe could be bap. 28 Oct 1664, NH, son of: (this is from where confidence becomes much lower)
         William Combe and Grace Smith, m. 5 Nov 1663, NH
         William Combe, bap. 26 Jun 1633, NH, son of:
            Walter Combe and Margery Harvy, m. 25 Nov 1623, NH
            Walter Combe, bap 6 Feb 1594, LNK.


Updated: 23 Sep 2014